Career change can be

excitingrewardingnecessarylife alteringfilled with unknowns

Our coaches will help you make the transition

Career change can be

excitingrewardingnecessarylife alteringfilled with unknowns

Our coaches will help you make the transition

Career change
can be

excitingrewardingnecessarylife alteringfilled with unknowns

Our coaches will help you make the transition

Why Transition Talent

Why Transition Talent


I worked with Transition Talent to explore my trajectory at a pivotal point in my career. I was coached by Nicole, and she guided me through a discovery process so I could pointedly set out to revise my resume. With her expertise in recruiting, she guided me to organize, format, and carefully curate the content so as to crisply put forth my objectives, skill sets, and progressive experience. Through several rounds of iteration, we ended up with my new resume, which I am very confident with.

Jennifer S.


I reached out to Transition Talent when I was feeling frustrated with my current job situation and not having luck moving forward during the interview process. My coach, Nicole, was incredibly thoughtful with her guidance, remaining mindful of the characteristics that are unique to my field, and gave me specific, actionable, and concrete advice. Nicole listened to my concerns and helped me overcome the mental roadblocks holding me back. I am now more confident, and I can’t wait to implement the recommendations that Nicole gave me.

Lynn K.


Received very insightful guidance on how I could approach the interview process to overcome some obstacles I was facing. As an experienced department head, I didn’t realize how valuable coaching would be in my job search. I would definitely recommend Transition Talent to anyone in transition looking to land their next opportunity!!!

Dorothy K.


My resume hadn’t been updated for several years and a lot had changed. Fortunately, Transition Talent knew just how to format and re-energize my resume for the current job market. My coach Nicole had some creative ideas and language for adapting my unusual background and career choices towards the field that I am pursuing. I’m very glad that I found Transition Talent as I otherwise would have a much less effective job search.

Chris L.


Nicole at Transition Talent was an incredibly helpful resource in reformulating my resume. She helped me realize that I didn’t have a coherent theme or thought, and had a lot of redundancies noted that weren’t going to help me change career fields. By rearranging the information presented, we were able to focus on what I was looking for in a career, rather than my past. I successfully used my re-written resume to change career fields and find a whole new field in which to work!

Dan T.


I couldn’t have asked for more from Nicole as a coach. We methodically went through my career history and goals, and she really helped me craft not only my resume and LinkedIn profile, but also my story and path forward. Most importantly, she took great pride and interest in me as a person. I have already recommended her to friends, and I would gladly do it again!

Mike Z.


Working with Nicole and Transition Talent Group has been a great experience. She was very helpful during my job hunt with an excellent understanding of my needs. With her guidance, I felt more confident interviewing and was hired at my ideal company. I’m very happy with my job now and feel very lucky that I found her for professional assistance when I did.

Yang L.


Had the pleasure of working with the Transition Talent team to update my resume! Nicole was excellent and provided me with great tips to format & organize my resume. I highly recommend reaching out to Nicole and her team if you are seeking a resume update or career advice!


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